Ways To Honor a Loved One’s Memory

By: Richard "Ritty" Polhemus
Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Honoring a loved one’s memory is an essential part of the healing process. When we experience a loss, taking action can provide a sense of control at a time when we feel helpless. Fortunately, there are many thoughtful ways to honor the memory of your loved one.

Join a Cause

Helping others is a valuable way to honor the deceased. If you have the misfortune of losing someone to unnatural causes, it can be very difficult to process. Joining a cause can help you regain control and channel your loss into something positive.

Founding a charity or joining an organization that raises awareness takes a proactive approach to mourning. Working to prevent others from going through the same hardship spreads love and gives meaning to your loved one’s memory.

Write Letters

An especially difficult aspect of losing someone is thinking about all the things you never got to tell them. This can be the biggest source of pain during the mourning process. For this reason, grief counselors and therapists recommend writing letters to the deceased. Writing letters serves as a cathartic experience that helps you work through the many emotions that come with mourning.

Writing allows you to reconnect with your loved one and express your gratitude privately. This can help you appreciate the other meaningful connections in your life and encourage you to live positively in the moment. When you start to get upset in the future, read these letters to remind yourself how special your relationship was.

Candlelight Vigil

While it is important to process your emotions in a private way, the love and support of others experiencing the same loss can be a great source of strength. Gather these people together to perform a candle lighting ceremony. Surrounded by the people whose lives were touched by your loved one will show that you aren’t in this alone. It also gives everyone an opportunity to say their peace and publicly honor the deceased.

Memorial Art

Another powerful way to honor a friend is commissioning a piece of art in their memory. This allows you to commemorate the life of your loved one with something beautiful that will last for years to come. The artwork can reflect their passions, your friendship, or something that reminds you of them. This can be especially meaningful if someone close to the deceased creates the artwork. Art celebrates the memory of your loved one in a way that symbolizes the beauty of your relationship.

Reaching Out

If your loved one is not a family member, consider contacting their family. Reaching out to your loved one’s family is an important part of keeping their memory alive. This is a meaningful gesture even if you aren’t close to the family. Reaching out lets them see the impact the departed had on the lives of others and provides moral support.

The family of the deceased plays a substantial role in shaping the individual you knew and loved. When you connect with the family, you can see your loved one’s personality shine through theirs. This also gives you both the opportunity to learn more about the departed. Strengthening this bond can help you feel more connected to the person you miss so much.

Organize Their Funeral Service

Organizing a funeral service gathers friends and family together to honor your loved one’s memory. Polhemus Cremation Services has been a trusted name in funeral care for three generations. We offer thoughtful and compassionate services to ease the pain of mourning. Our services offer peace of mind and an opportunity for family and friends to pay their respects. Contact Polhemus Cremation Services to preserve the memory of your loved one.

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